Ambulance Service Board

Ambulance Service Board

About the Ambulance Service Board

On May 19, 2008, a group of Participating Local Governments (PLGs) comprised of Spokane Valley Fire Department, Spokane County Fire Protection Districts 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10 and 13, and the Cities of Airway Heights, Cheney and Medical Lake entered into to an Interlocal Agreement pursuant to the provisions of the Washington State Interlocal Cooperation Act (Chapter 39.34, RCW).

The PLGs determined that it was in the best interests of the public safety, health and welfare of their respective citizens and constituents to enter into the Agreement to develop a process by which they may, through joint action, grant an ambulance service contract to a single provider. The single provider was to serve the needs of the public for ambulance service and respond to medical ground ambulance service requests originating within the combined designated geographical areas of the PLGs.

This Agreement aims to:

  • Gain the advantages of consistency of ground medical ambulance service, economies of scale and centralized disaster response planning and direction
  • Develop and recommend for adoption by signees a contract (Ambulance Service Contract) for emergency ground medical ambulance services within the designated combined geographical area of the PLGs
  • Gain the advantages of uniform regulatory and administrative oversight over ground medical ambulance services as provided through the Ambulance Service Contract
  • Provide a process for other adjacent jurisdictions within Spokane County to become participants (PLGs) in the Agreement.

The Ambulance Service Board (ASB) comprised of eight (8) representatives of member jurisdictions was created to manage the Ambulance Service Contract. The ASB is responsible for developing and overseeing the general administration, policy development, direction and oversight to the Administering PLG’s and Contract Administrator (Spokane Valley Fire Department).

Current Ambulance Service Board members

  • Chairperson: Fire Chief Tom Jenkins – Cheney Fire Department
  • Board Members: Deputy Chief Frank Soto, Jr. – SVFD; Fire Chief Mitch Metzger –  Airway Heights Fire Department; Fire Chief Cody Rohrbach – SCFD 3; Division Chief Gino Palomino – SCFD 4; Fire Chief Lonnie Rash – SCFD 8; Fire Chief Jack Cates – SCFD 9; Fire Chief Ken Johnson – SCFD 10


Ambulance Service Board Meetings

Meetings occur the second Wednesday of every other month and are held at the Spokane Valley Fire Department.

10/13/21: Agenda, Approved Minutes

08/11/21: Meeting Cancelled

06/09/21: ASB Meeting Regular Agenda & Special Meeting, Approved Minutes

04/14/21: ASB Meeting Regular Agenda & Special Meeting, Approved Minutes

02/10/21: Meeting Cancelled

12/09/20: Agenda,

10/14/20: Agenda, Approved Minutes

04/08/20: Meeting Cancelled

02/12/20: Agenda, Approved Minutes

12/11/19:  Agenda, Approved Minutes

10/09/19: Agenda, Approved Minutes

08/14/19: Meeting Cancelled

06/12/19: Agenda, Approved Minutes

04/10/19 Meeting Cancelled

02/13/19  Agenda, Approved Minutes

12/12/18 Agenda, Approved Minutes

10/10/18: Meeting Cancelled

9/12/18: Agenda, Approved Minutes

6/13/18: Agenda,  Approved Minutes

4/25/18: Agenda, Approved Minutes

2/28/18: Agenda, Approved Minutes

12/13/17: Meeting Cancelled

10/11/17: AgendaApproved Minutes

08/09/17: Agenda, Approved Minutes

06/14/17: Agenda, Approved Minutes

04/12/17: AgendaApproved Minutes

02/15/17: Agenda, Approved Minutes

12/14/16: Approved Minutes

10/12/16Approved Minutes

Ambulance Service Contract Administrator

AMR Ambulance with City LightsThe Spokane Valley Fire Department Deputy Chief of Operations is the Contract Administrator and conducts ongoing Ambulance Service Contract administration and oversight, including performance criteria compliance, in accordance with policy and direction of the Ambulance Service Board. The Contract Administrator utilizes data provided by the Combined Communications Center (CCC), the ambulance provider and other resources for the administration and oversight of the Ambulance Service Contract.

  • Budget — The Contract Administrator develops and submits an annual budget to the Ambulance Service Board for its approval in accordance with Section 11.
  • Point-of-Contact — The Contract Administrator serves as the initial point of contact by all parties for Ambulance Service Contract issues and concerns.
  • Records — The Contract Administrator is responsible for managing and storing all data, books and records related to contract administration, including but not limited to complaints, fines and penalties. This includes maintenance of all confidential information as may be required by law or direction of the Board.
  • Public Information Requests  — The Contract Administrator responds to public information requests for records in accordance with state law and approved policy.
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