SVFD has hired 14 new Firefighters to the SVFD Team.  Recruit training began Tuesday, September 3 at the Fire Training Center and will run for 15 weeks.

Travis Hillman is one of our new recruits!

Firefighter Travis Hillman Firefighter Travis Hillman















Travis served in the Army National Guard for 10 and a half years serving the community!  The Army National Guard is a great element of the U.S. military in that it serves both community and country.

Travis is an avid outdoorsman and has a background in construction as well. He enjoys hunting, fishing, and shooting.  He is another recruit with a talent in Barbecuing with an additional skill,  a nice slow smoke technique.

We have caught him training on a variety of new skills including:

  • Fire Protection Systems
  • Live Fire Training
  • Search, Victim Removal, and Firefighter Survival
  • EMS
  • Taking tests
  • And of course, reading a lot of pages in that big 1500 page manual

Firefighter Travis Hillman Firefighter Travis Hillman Firefighter Travis Hillman











All recruits will have to pass exams throughout the training on skills learned.  After graduation, crews will be rotated through different station assignments and will be on probation for 1 year.

We welcome Travis, wish him a very successful academy, and thank him for his service in the Army National Guard!

Firefighter Travis Hillman Firefighter Travis Hillman

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